2022 ROOKIE of the Year Nomination

The Board of Directors of RALSC requests your nomination for the Rookie of the Year. The individual selected will be honored at the Annual Installation Event.


    • Be newly licensed no earlier than October 1st of the prior year
    • A Member of RALSC in Good Standing, and joined no later than December 31st of the current year
    • Overall contribution and service to RALSC, their fellow members, the real estate profession and the community.
    • Current calendar year production only.

All nominations must be received by Monday, December 6th.

Date of Association Membership:

Please list your reasons for this nomination in the following categories
(please be specific and attach additional sheets if necessary):

1. Production: List total sales production during qualifying period:
Dollar Amount: $
2. Education: Detail education courses, designations and certifications earned.

3. Community Service: Activities connected with work in the local Chamber of Commerce, youth groups, religious organizations, civic clubs, cultural or recreational groups, interest and activity in programs designed to aid the public welfare, public offices held (such as mayor, city council, public commissions, school board, planning or zoning boards, or tax groups). List community boards served on, charitable organizations or service club participation.

4. Association Participation: List Association meetings and events attended, committees served on, special events attended for the local, state and/or National Association for the qualifying period.

5. Individual Accomplishments and Other Qualifications:

This information must be completed for this application to be accepted by the Member Service Recognition Committee.

Submitted by :      Office

Phone                    Date :

Please call the RALSC office at (352) 343-3003 with any questions.